The official website of the Irish Harness Racing Association

The Irish Harness Racing Association website has been funded through the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine’s Equine Support Grant 2020. The primary aim of the IHRA through this website is to promote the industries two codes of both pacers and trotters and their respective studbooks. The IHRA is recognised under EU Regulation as a Breed Society approved to operate the two above mentioned studbooks.

The IHRA are pleased to be in a position to make the association’s breeding database, “grassroots” available to all members via the remote access of pediweb. Here members can view pedigrees of all broodmares, stallions and foals registered with the IHRA. It will allow members to plan for future breeding matches as well as viewing online records for broodmares, stallions and any progeny of foals or yearlings. Should any members wish to view racing records or performances of any future broodmare, stallion or any horse in general, a full fade tailed results database is also available in the site.

The IHRA are grateful to The Department of Agriculture, Food and The Marine for approval of grants in 2024 Breeding Performance Authentication, Studbook Development SNP DNA testing, Studbook Development & Performance Infrastructure, National Ploughing Championships Promotional & Marketing Trade Stand.

To access pediweb, please click here

In addition to the online breeding database, a new section on this site relates to all breeding matters, including details on the two breeding programs, rules of procedure, membership and other relevant matters. All of these documents are available to download under the breeding tab, on the home page.

Latest News & Updates

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Code of Conduct

The IHRA board have recently approved the following Code of Conduct for all members and non members attending any IHRA event.  It is imperative that

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