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2024 Pricelist Update

Please see below our new pricelist for 2024, All Passport applications received after the 15th January will be charged at the new prices.

All other services will be charged at the new fee from the 13th of December 2023.

Registration Fees Member Rates Non-Member Rates
Foal Registration- up to 31st October €125 €175
Foal Registration- after to 31st October €150 €200
Registration of a Yearling €250 €300
Registration of 2 Year olds and an Older Animals €350 €400
Change of Ownership €35 €85
Duplicate Passport €125 €175
Urgent Fee* €50 €50
Membership €50  
Registered Post €10 €10
Imports and Exports    
Registration of Imports (EU/UK) within 30 days €70  
Registration of Imports (EU/UK) within 1-6 Months €100  
Registration of Imports (EU/UK) after 6 Months €150  
Registration of Imports (Non EU/UK) within 30 days €170  
Registration of Imports (Non EU/UK) within 1-6 months €300  
Registration of Imports (Non EU/UK) after 6 months €400  
Export Certs to UK €75  
Export Certs to Europe €150  
Exports Certs (USA/Canada) €600  
Stallion Fees    
Stallion License €250  
Annual Stallion Fee – Less than 10 covering certs €50  
Annual Stallion Fee- More than 10 covering certs €100  
Cover Certs (per mare) within the year of covering €30  
Cover Certs (Per mare) year after covering €60  
Cover Cert ( Per Mare) 2 or more years after covering €100  
DNA verification    
SNP Included  
MS €31.50  
*Urgent fee does not apply to DNA applications