Due to a new printing deadline imposed on the IHRA from this week on, all final driver declarations must be submitted no later than 12 noon on Wednesday’s.

Sunday 29th October 2023

Annaghmore 29th Oct Framed Entries

Annaghmore Sunday 22nd October Racecard

Annaghmore 22nd Oct 2023 Framed Entries

Sunday October 15th Annaghmore

Saturday October 14th Annaghmore

Annaghmore 14 and 15 October 2023 Framed Entries – All Draws Included 

Annaghmore Sunday October 8th Racecard

8th Oct Annaghmore Framed and Drawn Entries

Annaghmore October 1st 2023 Racecard

1st Oct Framed Entries Annaghmore

Annaghmore 24th September 2023 Racecard

Framed Races 24th of September 2023 Annaghmore

Cork Sunday 17th September Racecard

Annaghmore Saturday 16th September Racecard

Annaghmore Saturday 16th September Framed and Drawn Races

Cork Sunday 17th September Framed and Drawn Races

Cork Saturday 9th Racecard

Annaghmore Sunday 10th August Racecard

Annaghmore Sunday 10th September

Cork Saturday 9th September

Annahgmore Sunday 3rd September

George Deane Memorial Sunday 3rd September

Annaghmore Sunday 3rd September

Cork Sunday 3rd September

Cork Sunday 27th August

Annaghmore Sunday 27th August

Annaghmore Sunday 27th August

Cork Sunday 27th August 

Red John Memorial Sunday 20th August 2023

Red John Memorial Saturday 19th August 2023

RJM 2023 Full Racecard Drawn 

Ballabuidhe Monday 7th August 

Ballabuidhe Sunday 6th July 2023

Annahgmore 5th August 2023

Annaghmore 30th July Racecardhttp://www.irishharnessracing.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/Annaghmore-July-30th-Racecard.pdf

Cork 29th July Framed Entries

Annaghmore 30th July 2023 Framed Entries

Vicarstown Racecard

Vicarstown Entries 23rd July 2023

Richard Phelan Memorial Racecard Sunday 16th July 2023

Annaghmore Saturday 15th July 2023 Racecard

R Phelan Framed & Drawn Races

Richard Phelan Memorial Framed Entries

Annaghmore 15th July Framed Entries

Annaghmore 9th July 2023 Racecard

Dunmanway 8th July 2023 Racecard

Annaghmore 9th July Framed Entries

Cork 8th July Framed Entries

Cork and Annaghmore Entry List July 8th and 9th

Vicarstown Sunday 2nd July

2nd July Vicarstown Entries

Annagmore Saturday 24th June

Dunmanway 25th June

Annaghmore 24th June Entries 2023

Cork Sunday 25th June 2023 Framed Entries

Vicarstown Racecard Sunday

Vicarstown 18th June Framed

Annaghmore Sunday 11th June

**Redraw after declarations to take place on the 10yard Line for Race 2 and Race 4 Annaghmore**

Lyre Saturday 10th June

11th June Annaghmore 2023 Entries

Irish American Monday Racecard

Irish American Sunday Racecard

Irish American Weekend Full Drawn Race Order

Annaghmore Qualifiers Sunday 28th May

Sunday 28th May Dunmanway

Dunmanway 28th May Framed Entries

Qualifiers Annaghmore Sunday 21st May

Sunday 21st May Annaghmore

Saturday 20th May Dunmanway

Annaghmore Sunday 21st May

Dunmanway Saturday 20th May Framed

Annaghmore 14th May Racecard

Annaghmore Sunday 14th May Framed


27th November 2022 Framed Entries

20th November 2022 Entries

6th November Entries Framed

29th & 30th October Portmarnock Drawn and Framed Races

Oct 23 2022 Entries

16th Oct 2022 Entries

8th and 9th October 2022 *All Driver declarations are required by 11.20am tomorrow morning, Thursday 6th October*

Portm Entries 2nd of October 2022

Annaghmore 25th Sept Framed

Ladies Day Sunday 18th of September Racecard  

18th Sept 2022 Framed Entries 

Dunmanway Saturday 10th September Racecard

11th Sept Entries Annaghmore

10th Sept Entries Dunmanway

Portmarnock Sunday 4th September Racecard

Lyre Saturday 3rd September Racecard

Portmarnock 4th September Entries

Lyre 3rd September Entries

Lyre Sunday 28th August

Annaghmore Sunday 28th August

Sunday 28 August Entries Framed Annaghmore and Lyre

RJM Sunday 21st August Racecard **Finals will be added after racing on Saturday**

RJM Saturday 20th August Racecard

RJM Entries Drawn & Framed

RJM Entries 2022 Racecard Order

Portmarnock Racecard 14th August

Dunmanway Racecard 13th August

Portmarnock 14th August 2022

Dunmanway 13th August 2022

Annaghmore Sunday 7th August 2022 Race Card

Annaghmore 7 August 2022 Entries

Saturday 30th July **Please Note First Race 2:30pm**

Ballabuidhe Monday 1st August

Ballabuidhe Sunday 31st July

Portmarnock 24th July 2022 Race Card

Bishopsland 22nd July 2022 Race Card

Portmarnock Saturday 24th July Entries

Bishopsland Fri 22nd Entries

Portmarnock Racecard July 17th 2022

Lyre Racecard 16th July 2022

Portmarnock 17th July Entries **Final Driver Changes by 11am to IHRA office on Thursday**

Lyre 16th July Entries**Final Driver Changes by 11am to IHRA office on Thursday**

Lyre 10 July 2022 Racecard

Annaghmore Saturday 9th July Race Card

Annaghmore 9th July 2022 Entries 

Lyre 10th July 2022 Entries 

Portm Sun 3 July 2022 Racecard 

Portmarnock 3rd July 2022  

Bishopsland 29 June 2022

Wednesday 29th June 2022 Bishopsland

Saturday 25th June Racecard Races (1-7)

Race 8 Sat Annaghmore 25 June

Sunday 26th June Racecard

25 26 June Annaghmore Fully Framed

Annaghmore Entries Premium Weekend

Qualifiers – Portmarnock Raceway Sunday 19th June 2022

Portmarnock  Sun 19 June 2022 Racecard

Sat Lyre Jun 18 2022 Racecard  **A meeting between stewards & drivers will take place at 14.15pm in the paddock at Lyre and all drivers are requested to attend**

Portmarnock Entries Sunday 19th June 2022

Lyre Entries Saturday 18th June 2022

12 June 2022 Annaghmore

Lyre Sat 11th June 2022

Dunmanway 6th June Racecard

Sunday 5th June Racecard

Saturday 4th June Racecard

6th June Entries Dunmanway

Please note: The Framing and drawing of the eliminations will take tomorrow on Facebook. All driver changes are requested by 4.30pm by phone or email to the IHRA office tomorrow. 

Irish American Entries Incl Eliminations

Dunmanway 29 May Racecard

Annaghmore 29 May Racecard

29th May Entries Annaghmore

29th May Entries Cork

Portmarnock Sunday 22nd May

Racecard Dunmanway 22nd May

Portmarnock May 22 2022

Cork May 22 2022

Race Card Sunday 15th May Inchydoney

Race Card Saturday 14th May Portmarnock

Racecard Sunday 8th May Annaghmore

Annaghmore 8th May 2022

Bernie Kelly Memorial Sunday 1st May 2022

Bernie Kelly Memorial Saturday 30th April 2022

Bernie Kelly Memorial Racecard Full

Annaghmore 24 April Entries

Racecard 17th April 2022 Portmarnock 

Portm Entries April 17 2022

Racecard 3 April 2022 Portmarnock

Racecard 27th March 2022 Portmarnock


RJM **All prize money (1st-5th) is subject to the 7.5% development levy as per the 2020 IHRA directive**