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VDM Prep Race and Breeders Crown Heats

Due to limited space available in the calendar and the willingness of both promoters to stage there respective races it has been agreed with both promoters and in consultation with the IHRA to combine both VDM Prep Race and Breeders Crown Heats for 2019 on 14th of July 2019 at Portmarnock Raceway
The 1st/2nd/3rd of the VDM Prep Races will receive the advertised prize money for that VDM Prep Race. 

The 1st/2nd/3rd of the Breeder Crown eligible horses to cross the line will receive the advertised amounts of the Breeders Crown Heats.
Only Horses that meet the conditions of both VDM and Breeders Crown can enter race.

Caroline Neill (nee Clarke) R.I.P

Caroline Neill (nee Clarke) R.I.P
The Irish Harness Racing Association would like to extend our sympathies to Peter Clarke on the untimely passing of his sister Caroline R.I.P.
Caroline’s remains will leave her late residence at 11.30am on Friday to arrive at St Luke’s Church Twinbrook, Dunmurry, Belfast for 12 noon Requiem Mass. Cremation to take place at 2.30pm at Roselawn Crematorium.

Jonathan Cowden 3rd in theUET European championship for Apprentices

UET European Championship for Apprentices.

Irish leading Apprentice driver Jonathan Cowden finished 3rd, which is the best result to the date since Ireland’s participation in the UET championships.

13 best Apprentices from all over Europe, competed on Mallorca’s Hippodrome Son Pardo on Friday 28th of June.

The championship consisted of four races, where drivers were collecting winning points (20;15;12;10;9;8 .. )
In first of the races Jonathan came 4th, collecting 10 points. Race was won by Dutch driver Micha Brouwer.
The  finish of the second race resulted in photo-finish, where Jonathan collected points for a 2nd  place, losing to Swedish driver Mats E Djuse by a nose.

Third race was unfortunate  disqualification due to no fault of the driver.

After the third race, Dutch driver was already  difficult to catch as he led by points overall. Jonathan  was sharing 4th position with 25 points. 
The last and most competitive race was won by Mark Moes from Belgium, but Jonathan’s 3rd gave the Irish another set of points and brought him to a winning podium.

🥇 Micha BROUWER (Netherlands)
🥈 Marc MÖES (Belgium)
🥉 Jonathan COWDEN (Ireland)

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Racecard Annaghmore and Lissangle

Caheragh June 29th

Annaghmore Card June 30th

UET Championship for Apprentices

This Friday 28th of June 
Irish top appentice Jonathan Cowden will compete for title of European Champion at Son Pardo Racetrack in Mallorca, Spain. 

Championship will take place over four  heats on the same night. 
racecard and results will be available  on this website:

M50 Skip Hire & Recycling and Sire Stakes weekend

Entries Lissangle and Annaghmore 30th of June

Horses/Divers in red are currently not cleared to race.
Please contact the IHRA office before close of business today to sort your affairs out and to be included in the draw. 

Annaghmore June 30th 2019 Entries and Grades

Caheragh (Lissangle) June 30th 2019 Entries & Grades

IHRA Handicap Review

IHRA Handicap Review by Stakeholders Committee & Ratified by IHRA Board:
1. The following additional amendments to the 2018 handicap system were discussed, agreed and will now be sanctioned for the 2019 season.

• Horses going from A – A1, their runs will be cleared to A1 (0 runs)
• Bank G1 horses runs (excluding all horses which are racing and receiving an age allowance)
• F horses with a bank of a max of 6 runs are capped
• There will be no opt up in the handicap system
• No deviations of weekly distances, regardless of FFA’s with exception to the VDM FFA

2. Le Trot to IHRA Conversion of Grades Table:
In 2019 the table is changing by replacing the existing conversion of “and/or” in each band to just “or” and the lesser of the two, will become the horse’s grade. As of from the October sale in 2018, all incoming French horses will get their grade with three runs. The new conversion table is as follows:
• Maiden or less than €15k won = Grade F
• 1 win or less than €25k won = Grade E
• 2 wins or less than €40k won = Grade D
• 3 wins or less than €60k won = Grade C
• 4 wins or less than €80k won = Grade B
• 5 wins+ or more than €80k won = Grade A

3. 5YO Grade Conversion into IHRA National Handicap Mark:

• The grade of each horse on 1/04/18 will be taken and their entire racing performance will then be applied as per the existing national system.
• A win will move them up a grade (G/G*/G1/G1*/F)
• Every 6 runs will count towards a drop except for any horse who has exceeded Grade F.
• The grade of the horse at the end of the 2018 season will be the starting grade for the horse in 2019
• Horses will be capped at Grade F.
• Horses in Grades G/G*/G1/G1* will be allowed to move up and down per 6 runs, but horses in Grade F will not
• Where possible a 5YO race will be ran each week, with preference given to the four G grades.
• A 10Y trail be applied to each grade in 1 mile races & a 20Y trail in 1.25 mile & 1.5 mile races.

4. Claiming Race Conditions Update:
• There will be no claiming races at Premium or Gold Meetings.
• Fill claimers into one race where possible with a minimum of 5 runners
• There will be a max grade drop of two grades, and any grade A2 or above may be dropped to a claim tag of no lower than a Grade B

•Horses may enter a claiming race at any time.

•Horses that win a claiming race will be required to have its next two starts in handicap races unless it is claimed and therefore can be re-entered, by the new connections in a claiming race for its next start.

• The series will be reviewed again in 12 months.
• The following is the amended table of claim tags for the forthcoming season.
Grade F €1250
Grade E €1750
Grade D €2250
Grade C €2750
Grade B €3250
Grade A €3750

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