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Portmarnock Entry List 4th November

Please find attached the full list of entries and the current grades of horses entered for this coming Sunday.

All horses on this list are liable for the required entry fee.

The grades are the horses current grades prior to receiving their c class allowances or claiming price tags.

4th November Portmarnock

Trotter of the Year 2018

Congratulations to Kieran Sheehy and all connections of VIGO DE BASSIERE on winning Trotter of the Year title in Ireland!

Kieran will be traveling to Paris in early December to receive an award at the International Weekend in Vincennes along with best trotters in Europe!
It was a tight battle between three horses until the very last race on 28th of October, which was the last race meeting before deadline to submit winners to LeTrot.
4yo Epsom de Corvees, earning 8th win this season in race 4 jumped into chance to win the trip to France and the very last race was one to decide ..
It was Cilando du Temps or Vigo de Bassiere to win or place.. But new speedy import Abraham flew the distance leaving Vigo just half a length behind at the finish, enough for Vigo to earn his critical 5th second place and become Trotteur Francais of 2018 in Ireland.
Real competition is what we love in this sport! 🏆
Well done to all contestants! it was interesting to follow!

1st Vigo de Bassiere 8 wins, 5 seconds
2nd Epsom de Corvees 8 wins 4 seconds
3rd Cilando du Temps 8 wins 2 thirds

Portmarnock Racecard

Integrity Update

The IHRA Veterinary & Welfare Commission recently held an integrity hearing regarding a positive result, on the horse Robyn Camden at Portmarnock Raceway on August 12th for the prohibited substance “Altrenogest”.

At the heating, chaired by Mr. M. Swaile, the integrity panel had accepted that an email was sent to the IHRA office on 4th June, stating that Robyn Camden was prescribed Regulmate  by her veterinary surgeon. All pending sanctions were dropped.

The IHRA wishes to offer their apologies to the owners, the All In Syndicate & trainer, Clive Kavanagh, in their clerical error for omitting the details of the email on the IHRA system.

The IHRA would also like to take this opportunity to wish the connections the very best of luck with Robyn Camden, as her racing career continues in the US.

Stakeholders Committee Update

The committee were updated on the 5 Year Strategic Plan, which has been signed off by the IHRA Board at its last meeting and is now currently with the Department of Agriculture.

  • As of 21st of October, the IHRA has a total prize money purse of €690,000, which has been paid out to members. The regional breakdown for this is as follows: €72415 in Annaghmore, €150,045 in Cork & €425,021 in Portmarnock.
  • A new email address is now available for all financial queries from members, license holders with any queries regarding their statements are requested to send them to:
  • The total allocation of LeTrot financial contribution has nearly come to conpletion, with approximately €18,000 remaining. It is for this reason, that the season will close on 11th November. The committee feel that 2018 has been a very successful year to date and the ability to extend the season by a few weeks either side of the calendar, proves that the ultimate goal of racing 12 months is achievable.
  • The 2019 season will start on the 17th March.
  • At last night’s Stakeholders committee meeting, a robust discussion was had around the claiming series. It was agreed that there are some issues with the current claiming system which has been highlighted by many grass-root members. The claiming series will remain unchanged for the remainder of the season and will be reviewed by the committee once racing has finished, along with the national handicap system.
  • The committee has decided that the current 4 YO’s will be accommodated in the 2019 season, details of which will be discussed during the winter and members will be made aware of these details once finalized.
  • For the remainder of the season, entries will close on Tuesday at 2pm. A list of horses entered will be uploaded onto the website, along with their current grades on Wednesdays at 12noon. Trainers have up to 11 am to withdraw horses via, otherwise any horse who is on the published list will be liable for the entry fee. Live framing & Draws will be carried out on Facebook thereafter. The committee unanimously felt that this move will help improve the entry process and make it more transparent for all stakeholders.
  • The next Stakeholders committee meeting is scheduled for early December.

Portmarnock racecard 21st of October

Paddy & Jason Kane Memorial

Portmranock Card Oct 21st

There will be a restricted warm up procedure in place this coming Sunday:

Horses in Race 1,2,3 may warm up between 12.00pm – 13.15pm

Horses in Race 4 may warm up after Race 1

Horses in Race 5 may warm up after Race 2

Horses in Race 6 may warm up after Race 3

Horses in Race 7 may warm up after Race 4

Horses in Race 8 may warm up after Race 5

Horses in Race 9 may warm up after Race 6

Horses in Race 10 may warm up after Race 7

Horses in Race 11 may warm up after Race 8

Horses in Race 12 may warm up after Race 9

Horses in Race 13 may warm up after Race 10

Please note all horses must be in the paddock no later than 13.30pm. Any horse not in the paddock at this time will be liable for a fine as per the procedures of the IHRA Veterinary & Welfare Commission.

IHRA Office Hours

Please note that the office will close at 13.00pm each Friday from today. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Portmarnock racecard

Portmarnock Card Oct 14th

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