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VDM 2020

The Vincent Delaney Memorial committee in conjunction with the Irish Harness Racing Association has confirmed that the 2020 VDM weekend will be held on August 15-16th at Portmarnock Raceway, Dublin, Ireland.    Fresh off the record-breaking success of the 2019 festival, the committee along with the IHRA have exciting plans in place for the 2020 event […]

The Tiny Hooves 13th of October

There are few simple rules that currently apply to the races:   Rule number one:  TROT! Rule number two:  TROT slowly if can’t trot  fast.  Rule  number three:TROT and don’t give up!  GET INVOLVED!We are looking for volunteers for paddock and track on the day to help with declarations, get ponies  ready  on time for  their […]

IHRA sub-committees meeting bullet points

 IHRA Joint Sub-Committees meeting held in the Maldron Hotel, Portlaoise on Saturday 28th of September 2019, prepared by David Sheehy     • The five year strategic plan for 2020-2024 will be launched on Friday, October 18, 2019 at the Charlton Airport Hotel. Rebecca Chapman from the Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine will be […]

Five Year Strategic Plan Launch

The Board of the Irish Harness Racing Association is launching itsFive Year Strategic Plan on Friday, October 18th  at the Carlton Airport Hotel at 2.30pm As you will be aware the Five Year Strategic Plan is the last of the six recommendations from the Indecon Report to be actioned by the IHRA.   Where the […]

Portmarnock entries 13th Oct

Portmarbock Entries 13.10.19 GRADES

3yo Trotting Series 2020

IHRA Three Year Old Trotting Series 2020 Finals Day €40,000 🏆 Total Series Worth €80,000 🏆 Approx 8-10 races days dedicated for the series with Finals Day late in 2020.   Nominations Due Date November 1st 2019 €300 1st Sustaining due date January 1st €300 2nd Sustaining due date March 1st €300 *Once Horse is […]

Annaghmore entries 5th of October

Annaghmore entries and grades 01.09.1#2019

The Tiny Hooves update

First we would like to thank all participants and their parents!  After two weeks of racing we see that Pony Trotting has a great potential!Children finally feel a big part of the sport! And there are many things to improve!Pony races are surely great entertainer, but the purpose of Tiny Hooves series is EDUCATION!Teach  them a […]

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