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Attention trainers! Redraw of races!

ihra update

Following a review by the Stewards of the circumstances surrounding the automatic seven day trainer suspension incurred for a TCO2 level in excess of the agreed threshold at Annaghmore Raceway on Sunday 25th July and the subsequent decision not to include entries held by the IHRA from the trainer concerned for this week’s race framing, as the entries for the Portmarnock Raceway meeting had closed on the previous Thursday 22nd July and were already in the system it is acknowledged that this was an error and those entries would have to be accepted.

The penalties incurred by this trainer will be applied following completion of the races in hand and no further entries will be accepted from this trainer until the seven day suspension expires.

As a consequence alterations to the three races concerned will require the redrawing of these entries which will take place live at approx. 8am tomorrow morning Friday 30th July as follows:

  • IHRA Black Horse Juvenile 3 Yr. Old Fillies
  • TROT Grade D
  • M50 Skip Hire & Recycling Trot BOTH Eliminators