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Trainer Declarations 2020

Thank you to the Trainers who took the time to declare their horse(s) in training on our on-line form.
Any trainer who have not yet declared their horse(s) in training-Please do so immediately. 
No horse shall be cleared to race unless the trainer has declared their horses in training at least 28 days in advance of racing and these such horses will incur a penalty of €50 per horse.

Three Year Old Trot Championship 2020

Three Year Old Trot Championship 2020
Total series worth €100,000
Finals €50,000
Gold – Silver – Consolation 
Ten Qualifying Days
6 Portmarnock 
2 Cork
2 Annaghmore 
All Races over 1.5 Miles, regular entry fee.
Heats PFA – based on grades 
Finals  FFA – Gold – Highest Eight Handicapped Horses will be in Gold and work down after that with Monies won deciding Horses on same Handicap
Same for Silver and Consolation – if there are not enough horses to fill two races of 8, the number for the silver and consolation will be divided; if an uneven number the silver will take the higher number.
Championship will Start in May in Portmarnock with dates announced shortly 
Qualifying times for  3yo trotters 2.20

APPRENTI SORCIER will stand in Ireland for 2020 season

IHRA are pleased to announce that following a recent visit to the Stallion exhibition Salon Du Trot in Normandy by a delegation from the Breeding Committee together with Emmanuelle Morvilliers from Le Trot International department, we have secured a lease agreement for a Trotteur Francais Stallion to stand a stud in Ireland for the 2020 breeding season.
APPRENTI SORCIER (2010 x Love You – Queen of Viking)
Record: 1’11’’0 harness & 1’12’’0 monte.
93 progeny registered to date with
7 of his 2017 1 st generation progeny qualified in 2019 as two year olds (22%) in 1’19’’ plus.

Nigel Quigley 7th in Paris

Irish representative Nigel Quigley placed 7th in the European Amateurs Cup in Vincennes, Paris, France



2020 Fixtures

 Racing Calendar for 2020 racing season 

Members Update 23 jan

Two major changes have been discussed at committee level and agreed at the last board meeting of the IHRA. These include the change from open class handicap heats and finals for all grades (F+) to a new structure. The restrictions to warm ups was also agreed. For full details of these changes, which will come into effect at the start of the 2020 season, please read the attached document.
At the next scheduled meeting of the committees, the annual review of the racing handicap will be discussed and reviewed. If any member has any suggestions or proposals please send them to with “handicap review” in the subject line or alternatively please contact any member of the three committees.

Nigel Quigley will represent Ireland in the Amateurs Cup in Paris

Change of Irish Driver in Coupe D’Europe Des Amateurs 2020
Due to personal circumstances, Timmy O Leary cannot travel to France to participate in the Amateur Race this coming weekend in Vincennes.
Thankfully, we have secured the drive to our substitute driver, Nigel Quigley.

The IHRA wish Nigel the very best of luck in what is, his very first international drive.  

Racecard will be drawn on Thursday
LIVE stream

Funding for Pony Trot Programme

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful in securing Dormant Account funding for 2020!

IHRA as affiliate of Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) applied for the Sports Inclusion Fund through Dormant Accounts and received €40,000 of €50,000 sought for development of comprehensive educational programme for children aged 7-15.

Funding will cover marketing, expenses, educational equipment purchase, and staff involved in the programme.

This programme will target children of 7-15 years old giving the opportunity to be educated in harness racing and horses, learn of the importance to have recognised rules in place, horse welfare and learn driving basics in safe environment of the racetrack.

Key outcome will include providing alternatives for young people from disadvantaged background to participate in society in a meaningful manner through sport.

It is the plan to have a graduation ceremony at the end of the  course and to identify one participant in each age category, 7 – 10 year olds, 10 – 13 year olds and 13 – 15 year olds to go on to represent Ireland on an international basis at the European Trotting Championships in future.

The programme is currently in progress and will be launched in the near future. 

Follow the link to read more about the Dormant Accounts Funding

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