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Findings of the Indecon Review of the Irish Harness Racing sector (Video)

Excellent presentation by Arthur Cooper and Mark Flanagan today at Oireachatas Commitee Meeting:

Public meeting starts at 1:24min


Luke Kelleher will represent Ireland in the European Cup for Amateurs

We are delighted to announce that Luke Kelleher has been officially selected by the UET to represent Ireland in the European Cup for Amateurs – Prix de Saint Claude!
The event will take place at  Hippodrome de Vincennes in Paris on Saturday January 27th, the prestigious weekend of Prix d’Amerique!

Luke will be racing against the best amateurs of France, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Malta, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Czech Republic

We would like to wish Luke the very best of luck and enjoy racing at Temple of the Trot

Race info:

Amateur Drivers League

On Saturday 27th at Hippodrome de Vincennes, there will be a race for Amateur Drivers from the UET countries, Prix de Saint-Claude.

The drivers are selected by the UET using the following system.
Ratio 1 is calculated by the drivers total wins divided by their number of races run in 2017.
Ratio 2 is calculated by the number of races ran divided by the total number of races ran for amateurs in the Group III countries in 2017.
The final mark awarded to each driver is the product of the two ratios.

Applying the UET process to our C class drivers, means the IHRA has put forward Cork’s Luke Kelleher as their driver to represent Ireland in the Prix de Saint-Claude.

We wish Luke the very best, should he qualify to race at the end of the month.

VDM 2018 Nominations

Nominations close February 1st 2018 
Diamond Creek Farms VDM Fillies Final 
Hanover Shoe Farms VDM Colts Final 
Oakwood Stud 3 Yr-Old Fillies Final 
Oakwood Stud 3 Yr-Old Colts Final 
Please  follow the link for nominations form online: 

IHRA Notice:

The Board of the IHRA has decided to delay the deadline for applications to be received for the advertised Committee positions from today January 5th to midnight January 14th.

This has come about following a request from Brenda Hudson who we stress is fully supportive of the IHRA strategy, that more time is needed due to the festive period and people may not have been given sufficient time to think about the application process.

We apologize to those who have already applied. 

Members of the IHRA Board are presenting to the Oireachtas Committee on January 16th and an IHRA Board Meeting is scheduled to take place on the evening of January 16th where the applications will be considered by the board.

Again we stress that only applications that are made directly to IHRA office by midnight of the 14th of January will be considered,


The Government supported and funded an independent Economic Report into the sport and industry of Harness Racing in Ireland was released in November. This document is the road-map for the development of the sport in the Isle of Ireland going forward. 

Through this Report, there is the means for upgrading and new tracks, stabling and equine facilities – in all three regions – Annaghmore, Cork and Dublin

Following the Reports’ recommendations will deliver longer-term benefits to all participants and stakeholders including:

  • A greater opportunity to race
  • Receiving larger prize money
  • Being part of bigger race championships
  • Enjoying greater industry support for your horse
  • Receiving best practice veterinary care
  • Increasing the means to purchase and breed horses
  • Utilising optimum facilities for both training and on race day

For any organisation to oversee an industry or sport, correct operation and governance structures must be in place.

Areas of management by IHRA Board will be

  • Finance including Budgets, Audit and Risk Committee
  • Strategic Planning
  • Capital Expenditure
  • Nominations and Remunerations
  • Marketing, PR & Integration
  • Welfare and Veterinary

To ensure voices from Members and Stakeholders are heard this structure sees the establishment of sub-committees including:

  • Breeding Committee
  • Racecourse Committee
  • Stakeholders Committee

Sub-Committees will be the key operating component of the sport going forward. Members of these Committees will be instrumental in shaping the future direction of the sport of Harness Racing on the Isle of Ireland.

The purpose of these sub-committees is to act as a collective within the specified area and review the existing practises and identify the needs of future development. Recommendations will then be put to the IHRA Board for approval and implementation.

Three Sub-Committees have vacancies for Members and Stakeholders. These are:

  • Breeding Committee
  • Racecourse Committee
  • Stakeholders Committee

If you believe you have the skill-set to make a difference in the development of Irish harness racing and the time and dedication, please consider putting yourself forward 

Please Click  on the link below to download full document and job descriptions!

2020 Trotting Stakes Series

In 2016 IHRA owners bought and bred French trotting mares which has resulted in 33 foals being born in 2017. 
These resulting foals will be eligible to race in the lucrative
Three Year Old series in 2020 which will be for €100k but is envisaged to be a lot more.
Stakes payments will start in 2018 with the following payment dates. 

These foals are all by exceptional stallions and we are sure to see some very exciting racing in 2020. 

Below is a list of each stallion
By Cocktail Jet
Record 1’11’9
Earnings €435,550
Oldest Foal = 2007
Fastest Foal 1’11’4
Foals Earnings €10,198,760
Full Brother to Love You €1,416,537
Armstrong Jet

By Love You
Record 1’11’8
Earnings €183,730
Oldest Foals = 2017
Full Brother to Quaker Jet €1,758,330
Quitus Du Mexique
By Korean
Record 1’11’1
Earnings €402,150
Oldest Foals 2011
Fastest Foal 1’11’4
Foals Earnings €1,893,188
Vivaldo Bello
By Love You
Record 1’12’7
Earnings €255,460
Oldest Foals = 2017
Brother to Offshore Dream €1,992,024
In Love With You
By Cocktail Jet
Record 1’13’4
Earnings €241,898
Oldest Foal = 2001
Fastest Foal 1’09’5
Foal Earnings €18,555,068
By Dahir De Prelong
Record 1’11’8
Earnings €299,320
Oldest Foals = 2014
Hulk Des Champs
By Blue Dream
Record 1’13’5
Earnings €519,857
Oldest Foals = 2001
Fastest Foal 1’11’8
Foal Earnings €20,051,999
Meaulnes Du Corta
By Voici Du Niel
Record 1’10’2
Earnings €2,786,760
Oldest Foal = 2006
Fastest Foal 1’10’3
Foal Earnings €12,919,710
Unique Quick
By Prince D’Espace
Record 1’12’5
Earnings €691,500
Oldest Foal = 2016
By Goetmeals Wood
Record 1’13’8
Earnings €152,690
Oldest Foals = 2017
By Noble Atout
Record 1’13’7
Earnings €303,586
Oldest Foals = 2002
Fastest Foal 1’11’6
Foal Earnings €9,657,509

Recontres Internationales du Trot

The International Weekend took place at Hippodrome de Vincennes, Paris  from 1st to 3rd of December.
 28 countries  signatories to the LeTrot Breeding Program which include countries from Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, Australia and USA get together to Honour the leading Owner and Driver from each country at a special ceremony in Paris. 

Team Meadowbranch  receiving an award  for  top French Trotter in Ireland –  Umbratica.


 One of the highlights of the  weekend was an international race Prix de Recontres Internationales for the leading drivers from each country.

Ireland was represented by Sean Kane, who  finished impressively in 2nd place.

It was a special moment for us being on the podium at the end. It’s a dream for many to race in  Vincennes,  but for some  dream is to be on  one of the most desirable podiums in trotting world.  

1st Belgium 
2nd Ireland 
3rd Spain 

Click here to  view  photographic report from  the  weekend