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Portmarnock Raceway 21st of April


With immediate effect no horse can be entered to race or qualify without the following conditions being adhered to:
• Horse must be declared in training via IHRA website online form
• Current Flu Vac submitted to IHRA Office
• Owner, Trainer & Driver hold current IHRA License
• Horse must have been exported from STAGBI to IHRA Stud Book
• Horse must be in correct ownership with signed transfer of ownership submitted to IHRA Office
Horses entered to race that do not fulfil the above conditions will automatically be excluded from race framing.

Racecard Portmarnock April 21st

Portmarnock Entries 21st April

portmarnock-21st-of-april entries and grades

Annaghmore Raceway racecard

Annaghmore April 13th

Annaghmore entries


Stud Book Notice

With immediate effect all Passport applications will require the registered owner to comply with the Department of Agriculture’s Equine Premises registration (S.I. No 113 of 2014). 

This is a legal requirement whereby a person may not have an equine in his/her possession or under his/her control unless the details of his/her premises are registered, this legislation came into effect in 2014.

However Passport applications will be processed provided documentary proof of your Equine Premises Registration application is furnished to the IHRA.

See link to Department of Agriculture on IHRA website home page

All marking charts submitted must be dated within 6 months of the date of submission to Horse Sport Ireland for processing purposes, must be signed by the applicant and must have a Veterinary Stamp.

All incomplete applications will be afforded a 21 day window of opportunity to correct and furnish all the necessary documentation to allow an application to be processed in a timely fashion. Non compliance will result in applications being returned to the applicant.

No applications will be processed without full payment in advance.

Portmarnock Raceway 50th Anniversary Meeting

Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Portmarnock Raceway with us on 12th of May!

Featured races:
🏆 Portmarnock Bar Pace Heat & Final
Final Winner €2k
🏆 G & G1 €600

🏆 All Trot Races €1k to €1.5k to Winners (all straight races)
To add an extra to the day, our friends from France will come for a friendship match France vs Ireland Professional and Apprentice Races.

🏆 Live Entertainment in Bar

racecard Portmarnock 7th of April

Portmarnock April 7th

Runners 7th of April

April 7th entries  Portmarnock Raceway

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