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Portmarnock Raceway 21st of May

Race Card (Download)

IHRA Notice Saturday 20th May………..

The following horses entered for Annaghmore on Wednesday 24th May are not currently cleared to race due to non compliance with with Stud Book transfer and ownership registration requiremen

  • Triplicity
  • The Bolt
  • Amy Camden


Entries are now open for Ireland’s inaugural PMU Trotting meeting at Dundalk Stadium Sunday 4th June.

Entries will close on Friday 26th May at 6.00pm, click on DUNDALK link below to enter ………


R1 F/E H’cap Trot 1 Mile       
1 Cilando du Temps John Richardson William Flanagan Gate
2 Valse du forches Sean k Sean k Gate
3 Balzac de villars Billy roche Billy roche Gate
4 Tonic scott Luke darling Bridget mills 10 Y
5 Baron De Nganda Philip Gilligan Philip Gilligan 10 Y
6 Rohan Des Thirons Mark Kane Patrick Kane  10 Y
R2 G/G1/F H’cap Pace      
1 Pandercrombie Cathal Donnelly Cathal donnelly Gate
2 Newtown Onyx Raymond Sheridan Alan Wallace Gate
3 Massoud Simon duggan Anthony O’Donnell 10 Y
4 Newtown major Aidan caffrey Liam Wallace 30 Y
5 See my REFLECTION Jack killeen Jack killeen 30 Y
6 cool dragon john burns john burns 30 Y
R3 Heat 1: 3 Year Old TF Championship 1.5 Miles FFA    
1 EPSOM DES CORVEES Martin Maughan David loughran Martin loughran Gate
2 EUROPEEN Nigel Quigley nigel Quigley, Nigel Quigley Gate
3 ECLIPSE JIVE  Molineaux Stables Alan Wallace Alan Wallace snr Gate
4 EXTREME INSTANT Wayne Duffy Wayne Duffy Wayne Duffy Gate
5 EDERLEZI Patrick Kane Patrick Kane Patrick Kane Jnr Gate
6 EFFICACITE Roche/Gannon/Mitchell Billy roche Billy roche Gate
7 EVERY DE BEAUM William O’Connor Sean Kane Sean Kane Gate
R4 E/D H’cap Trot 1 Mile      
1 Saxo du maroncourt Sean k Sean kane Gate
2 Rainbow Quest Anto Craig Malone Gate
3 Urbano de selles Billy roche Billy roche Gate
4 Secret De Star Patrick Kane Jnr Patrick Kane  10 Y
5 Athlete royal Alan wallace jnr Alan wallace jnr 10 Y
6 Romeo tricastin Martin loughran David loughran 10 Y
7 Best of loulou Noel ryan John Morgan 10 Y
8 Universe Extreme Philip Loughran Philip Loughran 10 Y
R5 F/E H’cap Pace      
1 Fair Enough Stephen Wallace Alan Wallace snr Gate
2 Saunders cameron Lee Kelly Paul kelly Gate
3 Springhill ali patrick Kane joe sheridan Gate
4 Porterstown courage Walter Stewart Walter Stewart Gate
5 Meadowbranch kiki Martin loughran David loughran 10 Y
6 Meadowbranch Millie Shannon Flanagan William Flanagan 10 Y
7 Porterstown kirk Derek Jennings Derek Jennings 10 Y
R6 Heat 2: 3 Year Old TF Championship 1.5 Miles FFA    
1 EL TEJAR Alan Wallace Alan Wallace snr Alan Wallace snr Gate
2 ELLA LOULOU Sean Kane Sean k Sean k Gate
3 EMPEREUR SOUVERAIN Denis O’Reilly Denis o Reilly Denis o Reilly Gate
4 ELFE DE VILLEMER Bernard Grendon Philip Gilligan Philip Gilligan Gate
5 EN VUE Patrick & Mark Kane Patrick Kane Patrick Kane Jnr Gate
6 EPSOM D’OCCAGNES Tony Malone Tony Anto Gate
7 ECRIT Mark O’Reilly Mark O’Reilly Mark O’Reilly Gate
R7 E/D H’cap Trot CW 1.5 Mile      
1 Beeper Bernard Grendon Philip Gilligan Gate
2 Bipaul Mannetot Patrick Kane Jnr Patrick Kane Gate
3 Soprano gede Sean k Sean k Gate
4 Record dream Anto Malone Tony Malone Gate
5 Rol d’avigneres Billy roche Billy roche 20 Y
R8 Heat 3: 3 Year Old TF Championship 1.5 Miles FFA    
1 EPICE DE LA GOUTTE JJ McLeod Bridget mills JJ mc load Gate
2 ELISA ME MALAC Alan Wallace Alan Wallace Alan Wallace snr Gate
3 EXCEL PARC Simon Elvin/Sean Kane Sean k Sean k Gate
4 EPSILON DU LILAS Ciaran McHugh Alan wallace jnr Alan wallace jnr Gate
5 ECLIPSE SAINT JEAN M’Br/Matera/Redmond/Talavary William Flanagan John Richardson Gate
6 EVE DU PARC Patrick Carberry Billy roche Billy roche Gate
R9 D/C/B/A H’cap Pace      
1 Camden Kofi Cathal Kerrigan Cathal Kerrigan Gate
2 Rhyds Cobbler Simon Duggan Shane McConnell Gate
3 President Shane howard Shane howard 10 Y
4 Medowbrench romeo Mark kane Matthew mc donagh 20 Y
5 Springhill biscuit Martin loughran joe sheridan 30 Y
R10 C/B/A Trot 1 Mile       
1 Ulysse perrine Philip Gilligan Philip Gilligan Gate
2 Uris De Larat John Richardson William Flanagan Gate
3 Uldiem alpha Sean k Sean k 10 Y
4 Vif den layon johnath dunne joe sheridan 20 Y
5 Vichy De Moem Alan Richardson Alan Richardson 45 Y

IHRA Notice………

The following horses entered for Portmarnock and Cork on Sunday 21st May are not currently cleared to race due to non compliance with with Stud Book transfer requirements in all cases and with ownership issues in some cases

The IHRA have flagged these requirements on numerous occasions over a long period of time and are not in a position to devote any further time or resources to dealing with these matters on a weekly basis.

It is now a matter for the connections to deal directly with STAGBI to have these issues dealt with and the IHRA will only issue clearance once we are in receipt of confirmation from STAGBI of compliance.

  • IB Cymro
  • Havenaparty
  • Heart of Steel
  • RB Greyking
  • Return of the Mac
  • Rhyds Dilemma

IHRA 3 Year Old Trotteur Francais Championship Series 2017…….

The focus of this heat handicap system is to encourage people to race until the final heat day and this will give a true reflection of the horses’ actual level.

  • It will be based on average prize money as opposed to total prize money.
  • All Heats and Finals to be run over 1 ½ Miles.
  • First 2 Heat days will consist of all FFA, where the entries will be balloted for races and position.
  • The points awarded will be as follows, 1st 20 points, 2nd 16 points, 3rd 12 points, 4th 8 points & 5th 4 points.
  • Prizemoney for the heats are €1,600 with entry €100 and the IHRA plan to have 40 heats in total.
  • After the 2 initial heat days, the average points won will be calculated by dividing total points by number of races.
  • Any horse that misses both or either of the first 2 races will be awarded 4th place points for either or both of his/her missed races to be used towards their average.

e.g. A horse who raced once in the first 2 weeks and finished 2nd will be awarded 16 points for it’s 2nd place plus the compulsory 8 points for the race day it missed. This would give a total of  24 points over the two race days but when averaged out by then divided 24 by 2 leaves it’s average at 12, or if it missed both weeks it gets 8 points for each heat missed, a total of 16 but when divided by 2, it forms it’s average at 8 points.

  • After the first 2 weeks’ horses will be graded on their average, where the same average will be balloted.
  • All horses to qualify for it’s average on Finals Day must have a minimum of 6 races to calculate his average otherwise he will be given 4th place (8 points) for however many short of the 6 races are needed to go towards his average.
  • In the event of horses with the same average the horse with the highest total prize money goes in the higher race, if that is also the same then its ballot.
  • The total numbers of horses for each Final are evenly split but if there is an odd number highest grades are allocated the extra horse.
  • All horses ballot for position in Final
  • When Three year old races are being held, Three year olds can only enter into these races.
  • For heats only, Trainers/Owners with more than 2 horses in same heat will have the highest average horse opted up to next highest grade.
  • No splitting for Trainers/Owners in Finals.

The first heats will be held at Portmarnock on Sunday 21st May & Dundalk on June 4th. The IHRA will publish the full list of 3 year old heats in the coming week, which will include heats at Annaghmore, Portmarnock & Cork.

Notice re Annaghmore…….

This week’s race meeting at Annaghmore has been rescheduled to Wednesday 24th May, we would kindly ask all persons intending to enter horses to please ensure all licenses, race fees, stakes payments are in order prior to race entry, also please ensure all horses are in the correct ownership and have been transferred from STAGBI to IHRA Stud Book and a copy of the current flu vac schedule has been submitted.
Without full compliance with these matters race clearance will not be given.

Please contact IHRA Office 353 1 5310365 for assistance.