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Portmarnock racecard

Portmarnock Card Oct 14th

Current IHRA Trotter of the Year Standings

With just 3 weeks of racing left in October, attention now gathers to the International Weekend at Vincennes in November.

The IHRA will name it’s current Trotter of the Year on November 1st ahead of Le Trot’s deadline for the event.

The top 4 trotters in terms of wins are as follows:

Cilando Du Temps: 8 wins

Vigo De Bassiere: 7 wins

Epsom De Corvees: 7 wins

Epsom D’occagnes: 6 wins

Best of Luck to all the connections during the next 3 weeks on what looks like a healthy competitive battle is about to take place.

IHRA update

Meeting with Department of Agriculture Tuesday October 9th @ 11.30am
IHRA Attendees
Mark Flanagan Director IHRA 
George McCullough Director IHRA 
Kevin Corey Director IHRA 
Allen McAdam IHRA Consultant
The meeting was to discuss the finalising of the Five Year Strategic Plan and the IHRA Budget Submission for both Seed Funding and Reocurring Annual Feeding.
The Strategic Plan is now very near completion with a few additional agreed changes to be done this week. These changes will be made in the coming days and the document updated. We envisage the plan being signed off by the Department at the end of this week. It will then be signed off and adopted by the IHRA Board at there next board meeting scheduled for October the 16th. 
Also discussed was our two budget submissions with both documents gone through thoroughly. Further discussions will take place over the next week where the IHRA believes a positive outcome will be achieved.
Already agreed is that any funding granted will be on a euro for euro basis as per the Indecon Document.
Further updates will be given when at hand.

Annaghmore card

Annaghmore Sat 6th Oct

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Racecard Ladies Day

Portmarnock Sept 30th

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