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Mr. S. Kane – Hot to Trot


Mr Kane. Trainer of the horse “Hot To Trot”

Further to the Veterinary and Welfare Commission hearing on 09/09/20 to consider the details of the positive medication findings against the horse ‘Hot To Trot’ when tested in Annaghmore on 01/08/20, the following penalties are to be applied:

A fine of €750 plus expenses.
Loss of the race result and associated prize money.
The horse has been re-tested at Mr Kane’s expense and has returned a clear-sample result.

In coming to the above decision, the panel considered the fact that there were two prohibited substances in the positive sample – dexamethasone and butorphanol. These substances, while they have a legitimate therapeutic use in the horse, are not permitted to be present in a sample submitted on the day of a race.

In addition, consideration was given to Mr Kane’s explanation as to how the substances came to be, the VWC is now satisfied that this horse may be returned to racing at the discretion of the IHRA Board.present and Mr Kane’s cooperation in this matter.

Mr Kane understands that any further breaches of the prohibited substances rules are unlikely to be looked on as favourably.
In addition, Mr Kane has undertaken to examine the management processes around medications given to other horses in the yard to ensure cross-contamination cannot occur in the future.

Finally, Mr Kane is aware of the VWC Medirecord app. to record the administration of medication to horses under his care. He has been encouraged to make more thorough use of the VWC Medirecord app. to record the administration of all medications and this will also help avoid future prohibited substances rule breaches.