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Red John Memorial track rules & Racecard

1. Declarations close at 1pm on both days with the first race at 2pm sharp.
2. Any horse not declared after 1pm, will be placed at the back of the field regardless of its draw
3. All horses competing must be on the track by 2pm, otherwise a fine of €3000 will be applied. 
4. Both post and pre integrity will take place over the weekend.
5. Trainers may exercise their horses in the exercise track in the inside of the track ONLY. Any driver found to be warming up on the race track proper will be fined €100.
6. Horses will only be allowed to warm up on the race track, immediately prior to their race.
7. All horses must parade prior to the race.
8. Horses finishing 1st-3rd must return to the winning enclosure to collect their rosettes.
9. All winning drivers must present themselves for a post race interview.
10. Starting positions: 
Post declarations, the following gate positions will apply:
5 or less horses declared…5 or less on the gate 
6 horses declared… 4 on gate, 2 on 2nd line
7 horses declared.. 4 on gate, 3 on 2nd line
8 horses declared..4 on gate, 4 on 2nd line
9 horses declared..5 on gate, 4 on 2nd line
10 horses declared.5 on gate, 5 on 2nd line
In all cases, the gate will be filled.
11. In the Maven Trot heats, 1st & 2nd will qualify for the final and 3rd & 4th qualify for the consolation final.
12. In the Red John Memorial heats, 1st-3rd will  qualify for the finals and 4th-6th will qualify for the consolation finals.
13. All pace races will be ran over 1.25miles and trot races over 1.5 miles.
14. Driver declarations for the finals must be made one hour after the last race on Saturday to facilitate the printing of Sunday’s card.
15. All drivers to appear in full racing colours and helmets at 1.30 on Sunday in the presentation area for the annual ceremonial photograph with Bill Donovan and members of the O’Donovan family. 
16. A drivers meeting will be held on Saturday at 1.30 at the paddock office. 

Lyre Sunday June 16th

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