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Pony Trot 2020 Survey

Dear all! 
Big racing season is fast approaching and we are here on the final stage of preparing pony trotting  programme.
Thanks to the IHRA successful application through the Dormant Account Funding as an affiliate of HSI and processed by Sport Ireland, we have unique opportunity to provide young generation with professional training and racing experience. 

Our intentions are to adapt best experiences of other countries and raise professionals for the future of harness racing industry in Ireland and avail our students to participate on the European stage in future.

Pony trotting programme is  designed for children 7 to 15 years of age. 

Programme will contain theoretical and  practical lessons with maximum capacity of  10  children per group in practical lessons, to ensure each student receiving maximum attention during each lesson.

 What the programme offers:

  • Equine and racing terminology
  • Equine welfare and veterinary basics
  • Equipment and control aids in theory and practice
  • Long reining and  driving  basics
  • Figure driving
  • Driving on the track and in the arena 
  • Racing Rules, start and tactics 
  • Qualifiers and  races
  • Review of all pony races in groups
  • Graduation party in the end of season

    Lightweight double carts and some of the equipment will also be provided to the students and  may be used for the races. 

Based on current costs, course will potentially cost €150 per student (discounted rate for siblings).
This fee includes membership, lessons and   qualifiers.
Race entry  €5*
*There will be no open entry races.  Only children participating in the programme will be eligible to race. Exception will be  Tiny Hooves races for children 4-6 years

We are currently working on sourcing suitable school ponies, meanwhile students will only have option to participate with own or rented pony. 
If you have one for sale or lease, let us know!
Guidelines for ponies:

  • Trotting ponies only
  • Pony max height 13.3hh measured with shoes.
  • Pony has to be older than 3 years of age, have passport, microchip, vaccinations.
  • Ponies will be cleared by the track veterinarian and measured.
  • Each pony will have to be approved by the stewards as safe.

Please remember,  it is not about the speed of the pony it’s the positive experience of learning and safe racing process for children. all they have to be  is safe to drive, have clean trot gait and  fit the criteria above. Mad to go ponies, may not be considered as safe to participate in the programme.

We have to start from  very basics to ensure that quality is in place! 

We are inviting adults to get involved on different levels.
Training will be provided. Expenses covered! Kids need you! Don’t forget we are only starting!

Please take a minute to fill in this survey if you are interested to sign your child up** 
**Note! This is not an actual subscription form.

If you have any  questions please do not hesitate to contact Nadina (0861922762) or share your opinion in the comments box in the end of survey.


Pony Trot Survey

    pony must be at least 3yo, microchipped, passport, flu vacs and safe to drive.
  • max height 13.3hh including shoes allowed


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