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Dundalk Notice

Dundalk 2018
🔹Gates open at 11.30am
🔹All horse will be allocated stables which will be in order of trainer.
🔹All horses must be on site by 2.15pm regardless of time of their race.
🔹All horses must be declared prior to entering the stable yard and will be subject to Veterinary inspection including Passport check at the point of entry.
🔹All non runners must also be declared by 2.15pm at the latest.
🔹Wrist bands will be issued to everyone who pays and enters the stable area.
🔹Strictly no children allowed in stable area.
🔹Only people who are with horses will be allowed into this area, this is a Health & Safety requirement for Dundalk Stadium.
🔹Horses for first six races will be allowed onto the track between 1pm and 2.30pm subject to Veterinary & Stewards clearance.
🔹Track will be closed and all horses off by 2.40pm in preparation for first race.

🔹Horses must be in the parade ring 15 minutes before their race allocated time.
🔹For PMU Races, all horses MUST be in parade ring 18 min before race start time with horses being allowed onto track 15 minutes before race start time for workout.
🔹Horses will enter track in order and will go right handed.
🔹At 3 minutes to post time horses will come under the orders of the starter in
readiness for start.
🔹Horses disqualified during the course of a race must go to the outside pull up.
🔹Trainers and Drivers are asked to cooperate with the stewards so as to ensure the smooth running of the event.
🔹Drivers please ensure correct driving attire is worn and remember you are now representing your sport and your country at the penultimate level.

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