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Members Update Friday 12th March Re: IHRA Office Departments

Ahead of the commencement of racing Sunday week, 21st March, we are writing to you this afternoon to remind you of our three departments within the IHRA office.

Whilst phone calls on queries are welcome each day from 9.30am -12.30pm, emails are the preferred option and will be replied much quicker to members.

  1. Studbook Related Matters

Emily can be contacted directly at [email protected] and this email address should be used by members when querying passport applications, covering certificates, export certs, change of ownerships, stallion licences and breeding related matters.

  1. Race Inquiries:

Any matters relating racing, for example withdrawals, driver declarations, licence renewal payments, driving colour changes, flu vaccinations etc should be directed to Donna at [email protected]

  1. Accounts:

For all queries on members accounts etc, please contact Catriona in [email protected]

To conclude and on behalf of Emily and Myself, we look forward to helping you with any issues which may arise in the future and we wish all the members of the IHRA the best of luck during this year’s racing season.

Finally, a reminder to all trainers that entries for Sunday 21st March at Portmarnock, close this coming Sunday night at 10pm and horses must be declared in training at least 28 days in advance to be cleared to race.