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March 27th Entries & IHRA Board Statement


The Opening 2022 fixture takes place this coming Sunday, 27th March with the Qualifier taking place at 14.30pm with the first of four races taking place at 15.00pm. The IHRA received a number of withdrawals on Tuesday and whilst this reduced the number of entrants, the IHRA Board of Directors believe that since the initial opening date was signalled in December of 2021 and as board members, we have a responsibility to our owners and trainers, who are our members and in particular to those who have horses to run on Sunday to proceed with fixture list as previously advertised.

In addition, the IHRA board does stand for a minimum number of entries and this will be discussed at committee level and subsequently at board level at later date. To encourage more entries for next week, the IHRA have added more money to the race card this week and this is envisaged to continue until the upcoming race fixtures fill up in the weeks ahead.     

March 27th 2022 Framed Entries