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The Tiny Hooves update

First we would like to thank all participants and their parents! 
After two weeks of racing we see that Pony Trotting has a great potential!
Children finally feel a big part of the sport!

And there are many things to improve!
Pony races are surely great entertainer, but the purpose of Tiny Hooves series is EDUCATION!
Teach  them a proper way from the beginning!    
There are few simple rules that currently apply to the races:  

  • Rule number one:  TROT!
  • Rule number two:  TROT slowly if can’t trot  fast. 
  • Rule  number three:TROT and don’t give up!

It’s not the speed, it’s the gait and effort in trot that is being judged. 
For this reason professional backup drivers are there to assist  and help  young  drivers to keep pony in a steady gait.
While all children receive rosettes, only those that  have made an effort to trot are placed.

This season is only a beginning…
During  the winter we will be working on adapting rules from European countries to ensure our children are eligible for participation in 2021 European tour and  have a proper race season in  2020 in Ireland.
We experience staff shortage and invite you to get involved in organisation of the  races. 
We need paddock and track stewards on the day to ensure ponies are declared, ready  on time for  their races, wearing numbers as per card, starting on their handicap marks and trotting to the finish. 
This sport will be growing and  improving, let’s work on this together! 

contact  Nadina  on  +353861922762  for more information for our nearest future plans and where you can be helpful.

Results ponies 29 September 

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