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The Tiny Hooves Pony Series

Exciting news for the next generation of racers!

This Sunday we are starting THE TINY HOOVES Pony series at Portmarnock Raceway Sponsored by Mary and Buster Gilligan.

🐎Rosettes every week
🐎 In the end of series each child will receive an award at Awards Night
🐎 Leading driver will win a set of new colours for new season !

🐎 For Children under age of 14 and ponies under 12.2hh
🐎 Standing start race
🐎 Ballot for position on the day
🐎 Series will continue until the end of season at Portmarnock.
🐎 Series will go on the point system same pony and driver each week
🐎 Double seat bike
🐎 junior driver must be accompanied by a licensed driver !!!
🐎 Faster ponies will have to trail to make it fair.
🐎 Body protector & helmet must be worn at all times while on the track
🐎 Driver must be able to drive and control pony himself/herself
🐎 pony must stay in trot all race
🐎 no whips allowed
🐎 Shetland/miniature and big ponies may be separated into two races, or smaller ponies start at the front !
🐎 Subject to entry, ponies may also be divided by age of drivers.

There’s no entry fee for this event!
Due to a SUPER HIGH demand, Entries will close on Thursday 12 Noon, so the race card can be prepared on time!
Time of the races will be confirmed later this week.

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