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Indecon Report – IHRA Board Next Steps

As you would have seen and had the opportunity to read and review, the long-awaited Indecon Report of ‘The Economic Review of the Irish Harness Racing Sector’ was very positive and sets us a clear opportunity to receive Government support to grow and develop the sport.


Importantly, it carries the support of Minister Creed and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, who commissioned the study.


This Report is an acknowledgement of the potential this industry and sport displays and is vindication and confirmation of the development efforts of the IHRA and its Members over the past four years.


If we now work toward implementing the recommendations set-out in the Reports’ conclusions, this will see ongoing Government financial support for the sport in Ireland.


The IHRA Board is now in the process of preparing a five year plan and this provide Members with growth in the ability to:

  • Have more opportunities to race
  • Receive larger prize money
  • Be part of bigger race championships
  • International wagering opportunities
  • Enjoy greater industry support for your horse
  • Receive best practice veterinary care
  • Increase the means to purchase and breed horses
  • Create and build optimum racing facilities for both training and on race day

IHRA Board is meeting on Tuesday 14 November to discuss the Report.

From there meetings in each region are planned for during November and early December.

You are encouraged to attend these meetings.

The Board Sub-Committee Membership election will occur at this time for

  • Breeding
  • Racecourse
  • Stakeholders


To achieve these items we must all work together as one with a common goal of bettering the sport.


This will take time but the foundation has now been laid.  


The release of the Indecon Report is a very big step toward making all of these items possible going forward. It is a very exciting time for Irish Harness Racing.


The Irish Harness Racing Association Board thanks you for your support and backing.

Collectively the Board looks forward to delivering to you those recommendations found in the Report.



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