Fixtures & Results

IHRA 2020  Fixtures*
*dates and venues are subject to changes
50 meetings in total with 13 Premium meetings included

Winter = W
Summer = S
Premium = P
Qualifiers = Q


Sunday 15th Portmarnock (Q) ; Cancelled 
Sunday 22nd Portmarnock (Q); Cancelled 
Sunday 29th Portmarnock (P); Cancelled 

Sunday 5th Portmarnock  (W); Cancelled 
Sunday 12th Portmarnock (W); Cancelled 
Saturday 18th Portmarnock  (W); Cancelled 
Sunday 19th Annaghmore (Q); Cancelled 
Sunday 26th Annaghmore  (W); Cancelled 

Sunday 3rd Portmarnock (S); Cancelled 
Saturday 9th Annaghmore (S)
Sunday 10th Inchadoney (P); Cancelled 
Saturday 16th Portmarnock (S) Painted Mile Low & High Grade & 3 Year Old
Sunday 17th Dunmanway (S)
Saturday 23rd Manch (S)
Sunday 24th Portmarnock (S) French Day
Saturday 30th Annaghmore (S)
Sunday 31st George Dean (S)

Sunday 7th Portmarnock (S)
Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th Lyre Red John Memorial (P)
Sunday 21st Portmarnock (S) American Day

Saturday 27th Annaghmore (S)
Sunday 28th Bandon (S)

Saturday 4th Fishers Cross (S)
Sunday 5th Portmarnock (S)
Saturday 11th Annaghmore (S)
Sunday 12th Lissangle (S)
Saturday 18th Portmarnock (P)
Sunday 19th Portmarnock (P) M50 & Sire Stakes
Saturday  25th Annaghmore (S)
Sunday  26th   Balliheen (S)

Saturday 1st Annaghmore (S)
Sunday 2nd Ballabuidhe (S)
Monday 3rd Ballabuidhe  (S)
Sunday 9th Portmarnock  (S)
Sunday 9th West Cork Venue  (S)
Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th VDM  (P)
Saturday 22nd Annaghmore (S)
Sunday 23rd Lissangle (S)
Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th Manch (P)

Sunday 6th Portmarnock  (S)
Saturday 12th  & Sunday 13th Annaghmore  (P)
Sunday 20th Portmarnock (S)
Sunday 27th Portmarnock (S)

Saturday 3rd Annaghmore (P)
Sunday 11th Portmarnock (W) Three Trot Finals
Sunday 18th Portmarnock (W)
Sunday 25th Portmarnock (W)

Sunday 1st Portmarnock (W)
Sunday 8th Portmarnock (W)


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