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Claiming Races 2018

The IHRA Stakeholder Committee at their February meeting put a recommendation to the board that the IHRA should incorporate Optional Claiming Races for Trotteur Francais Horses in the forthcoming season. This recommendation was agreed.
Essentially, this allows owners/trainers to nominate a horse as a claimer into any grade of race regardless of its current grade in the handicap however the claiming amount decreases as you drop grades.
For instance, if you have an A trotter and you would like to put him in as a claimer in a grade E race, he may be claimed for the claiming amount as agreed for this grade.
It was agreed by the committee that this would be a better solution than having specific claiming races as they felt that the volume of claiming horses are not there.

Attached are the full terms and conditions of the “optional claiming races”
Click to download: Claiming Races 2018

We look forward to welcoming new owners & trainers into the sport via this channel.

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