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Apprentice Series for Trotting Horses 2018

It’s Always an honor to represent your country!
The European Championship for Apprentices is organized under the care of UET since 1986.
With Ireland’s membership in the UET since 2016, top apprentice driver is invited to participate in this prestigious event for young talents.
The IHRA will run an Apprentice Series for Trotting Horses in 2018.

  • An Apprentice will be a person who has not driven professionally outside of Ireland or the UK. Will not be older than 25 Years of age in 2018.
  • The series will be run over eight race days and finishing in early July 2018*
  • There will be a maximum of nine runners per race and if more than nine runners declared it will be split into two divisions. Lowest graded horses in one division and highest grade in second division.
  • Points will be gained as follows: 1st – 12 points , 2nd – 8 points, 3rd – 6 points, 4th – 4 points, 5th -3 points, remaining places – 1 points.
  • The winner of the series will represent Ireland in the European Apprentice Championship in 2018** which will be held in August/September in Moscow, Russia.

The IHRA are in discussions with LeTrot at organising a race in France for the top seven drivers in the series to compete against seven Apprentices drivers from France. This event will also be held in 2018.


The series will have premium status attached to it and thus attract premium prize money.

As already announced there is no sale for trotting horses in the first half of 2018 but special consideration will be given to those Apprentices who find themselves without a horse for the series and are interested in acquiring one.

* IHRA reserve the right to make changes to the event program prior start of the series
** UET rules will apply

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